Tuesday, August 11, 2020

2 New Peer Support Phone Groups for Empaths


Saturdays at 6 pm PT/9 pm ET
    Empath Book Study Group
    701-802-5258, access code 5441324#
    starting 8/15/20

Tuesdays at 6 pm PT/9 pm ET
    Psychics and Empaths, Paranormal Experiences, and Addiction
    701-802-5028, access code 5635154#
    starting 8/18/20


The Saturday meeting (Empath Book Study Group) is about exploring what it is, to be an empath, and getting to know ourselves better, and becoming more skilled at being an empath.  "Empath" refers to being more than empathetic; it refers to involuntarily gaining information about others' inner states through paranormal ways, including clairsentience and intuition.  It refers to how empaths can unwittingly literally feel what others are feeling.  We will read short passages at the beginning of the meeting from books that explore this gift.

The Tuesday meeting (Psychics and Empaths, Paranormal Experiences, and Addiction) is about the problem of turning to addictive behaviors to soothe various difficult aspects of being a psychic and/or an empath, and how to solve that problem.  Some paranormal triggers for addictive behavior include: feeling others' pain and being overwhelmed by it; becoming unwittingly aware of painful and/or shocking psychic info about others; being manipulated, controlled, or abused by beings from other dimensions (or spiritually oppressed by a fellow human being); being directly pushed into addictive behaviors by those beings; feeling various uncomfortable, unfamiliar energetic phenomena (like tensions between Light and Dark), feeling unsupported in 12-Step addiction meetings, where you can't share about your paranormal triggers; and being gaslighted by people who don't believe in psychic and empathic abilities, multidimensionality, and/or spiritual oppression.  This meeting will be a safe place to share about these things; where we know the truth of each other's experience because we experience similar things.


Both meetings will begin with people introducing themselves.  Then we will read a prayer for protection.  Then we'll do a brief reading on the meeting topic, then timed shares, and then open discussion until the end of the meeting.

Initial Readings

I thought we could study these excerpts together for the first few weeks, while we assemble and get acquainted:

Protection Prayers

Reaching Empaths Who Would Be Helped By These Meetings

If you know of online psychic and/or empath communities where I could post about these meetings, please contact me.  Thank you!

My Related Experience

Over the years, I've started and run many meetings:  2 in-person, monthly meetings for Highly Sensitive People in San Francisco; weekly phone meetings, including 2 brain retraining meetings for environmental sensitivities; 2 special topic 12-Step meetings; and a recovery-related women's support group.  Some of these meetings ran for several years.  Two of them are still running, but I'm no longer associated with them.


Please call me (Sue) with questions about the meetings: 928-536-749 zero, Arizona, United States (summer, Pacific Time; winter, Mountain Time).  Or, if you are overseas, you can email me at bozzosc @ yahoo.com (please note: I only have email access once a week at the library, so there may be a delay in my response).